Why I Wrote This Memoir

No one wants to die, alone: When a loved one is faced with terminal cancer

No one teaches us how to cope with terminal illness.  Most of us don’t understand the challenges we are about to face. This is why I share our story through this memoir … not only for myself and my family, but to help others. I knew our story could be anyone’s journey. I wrote No one wants to die, alone with the view of creating something that would have been helpful to me when my sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I wrote it to help others struggling the same way we did.

I put my heart and heartbreak into each word for you to understand how it feels, for you to see the opportunities for love and compassion. I hope you will be inspired by our story. No one wants to die, alone may help you better understand the enormous impact of terminal cancer on the life of your loved one. When I consider everything I’ve done … nothing has been more difficult. I did it hoping to bring change, hoping to make a difference.

imagepng_2“The greatest gift we could give my sister was to be by her side during the most traumatic time in her life. The most beautiful gift Carmen could give us was to allow us to share our love.” Excerpt from No one wants to die, alone