Who Should Buy This Book & Why?

“Thoughtful and coherent, No one wants to die, alone tells the story in simple prose that will be easily understood even when families are unable to think clearly.” FriesenPress Editor

“When an individual has cancer, it’s like the whole family has it.” Excerpt from No one wants to die, alone 

If you find yourself in one of the following categories, you may benefit from reading No one wants to die, alone. The book sheds light on the complicated process of facing terminal illness and how loved ones are affected. It touches on the many facets for both the patient and caregiver.

My loved one has been diagnosed with terminal cancer
  • Reading No one wants to die, alone  may help you better understand the enormous impact of terminal cancer on the life of your loved one, and to help them cope with the physical and emotional challenges of facing death. It may help you recognize the opportunities for love and compassion for you and your family. It may help you better understand your own journey. 
My friend/colleague is a caregiver – his/her loved one has been diagnosed with terminal cancer
  • Reading No one wants to die, alone may help you understand how terminal cancer is changing the life of your friend/colleague, and how you can best support them in their caregiving role.
I’m a health care professional, a health care provider or a therapist
  • Reading No one wants to die, alone may further sensitize you to what your patients and their loved ones are living. It may provide you with a better understanding of the complex feelings and needs of the person. It may inspire you to find ways to improve the compassionate approach to patient care. It may change your practice.
I’m a public servant or a service provider
  • Reading No one wants to die, alone may change how you see people affected by terminal illness. It may provide you with a better appreciation of the impact of your work on your clientele. It may engage you in being part of a more compassionate community. It may help you realize that this could be anyone’s journey.
I’m in a leadership role and can effect change
  • Reading No one wants to die, alone may help you understand how many of us are affected by cancer. It may entice you to join forces and help the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation expand their innovative cancer coaching program to reach more Canadians. It may bring you to actively participate in creating a more compassionate community. It may change the way you do business.