My Wish

“I wish we (an all inclusive we) had a better understanding of end-of-life care in all aspects. I wish we had a better appreciation of the value we bring to a stranger or to a loved one throughout their final journey.” Excerpt from No one wants to die, alone

My wish is about bringing change, about building a more compassionate community. It’s about joining forces to make a difference in helping those affected by cancer, and so much more. In essence, it could be about you … your family member … your close friend … your colleague … or your neighbour. It could be about me.

I imagine a more compassionate community where:

  • Families are better prepared to support their loved one, and;
  • Health care professionals have access to resources to enhance their skill set and work as teams to better support their patients, and;
  • Employers play a greater role in supporting their employees and clients who are caregivers or patients.

I am gratified that the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation  will be using No one wants to die, alone as a resource tool for cancer coaches and families. Their cancer coaching program is the only one of its kind in Canada. It is designed to assist patients and those closest to them by focussing on the individual’s needs to meet the challenges of cancer. I believe my sister and I would have benefitted from such personalized coaching. It is why I support the Cancer Foundation. It is why I ask you to join me so others may receive the assistance they need.