What Readers Are Saying

I am touched by these kind words … it brings me gratification knowing I was able to convey my message. If my book helps one individual, it will have made a difference.

“I believe that by reading No one wants to die, alone, we are invited to reflect on our experiences and our being, to put a balm on our guilt, to forgive ourselves for our shortcomings and others for whom we might have had expectations, and to avoid being judgemental.” Rachel Maillet, Retired Social Worker

“This is the story of Carmen, who loses her life to lung cancer at age 60. Told by her sister Nicole, it is the gut-wrenching account of Carmen’s final year and her family’s journey through this crisis with her. The story is graphic, often humorous, and always intensely moving. Above all, it’s a love story – about the unbreakable bond between two sisters, about the strength of sibling ties, about the power of maternal love and most movingly, about the incredible devotion of the man for whom Carmen is a life-long love.

This inspiring book sheds light on the complicated process of facing terminal illness and how loved ones are affected. An intimately human, touching narrative.” Margaret Dukes, former Associate Director, Canadian Medical Association

 “The book really drew me into the actual experience (moist eyes and all) … it should be obligatory reading for anyone involved with end of life care.” Steve Pelletier, MD

 “I stand in awe of Nicole’s honesty and courage.  I also admire her gentle voice as both a writer and teacher.  This poignant story about entering the abyss of cancer will move and disturb you in the best way. It will help those facing cancer and their loved ones.  It is unlike any other personal account of living with cancer that I have ever read.  After ten years in this field, No one wants to die, alone changed the way I think about this disease and its impact on our lives.” Linda Eagen, President and CEO, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

“The way the author shares her own emotions is what may ultimately help another reader come to understand and accept that their own feelings – whatever they may be – are normal and that each of us experiences this journey in our own unique and equally valid way.” Debbie Bolger-Ingimundson, Health care provider

“The book is very captivating – it is honest and human. It is so real!” Lucie Guimond, Director, The Vaudreuil-Soulanges Palliative Care Residence

 It’s a remarkable memoir. I have no doubts it will serve many.” Janet Love Morrison, Author

And from friends whom I’ve only recently met through this work …

“I felt as if I was in your family’s living room with you.”

“I cried. I had to wait for a quiet moment alone to finish the book.”

“I read it twice.”