Must-See Video for Health Professionals

“It’s the rare physician who prepares patients to die well, or who will even acknowledge that death is possible, much less imminent.” Dr. Brian Goldman ER physician in Toronto.

“Hospitals need extra social workers and other professionals who have both the time and the training to offer families the psychological support they need to get through the most difficult of times.”

I’m told physicians have insufficient training on how to have those difficult conversations about death and end-of-life. Unless they are destined for palliative care, it’s simply not part of the medical curriculum. If we find it difficult to hold such conversations with our loved ones, it must be more so with a stranger.

Yet, understanding the importance of and having discussions about death with patients and their families is part of providing compassionate care. When you or your loved one is faced with a health crisis it’s already a difficult situation. Having the necessary support can help you and your loved one get through the most challenging times.

I love Dr. Diane Meier’s approach in this video. Her “Ten Steps for What to Say and Do” can serve as a great tool for many medical professionals. If you know anyone in healthcare – please pass it on. Trust me, it feels different when it’s personal.